Happy Holidays from SorellFX

Happy Holidays from the Cast and Crew of Sorell FX

A tiny animation wishing you a Happy Holiday…

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Computer Animation & Visual FX

A Collaborative Project


  Spear-headed by the Founder of SorellFX, CGI veteran Mar Sorell, our “Happy Holidays 2013” animation was a collaborative effort with our Voice Over Talent: Ida Park And Jaqui Hinson.  This project was created with love over a 3-week period using the amazing iClone Filmmaking System from REALLUSION.  This is an exclusive sneak preview of our Animated Children’s Cartoon Edutainment Series now in development.  

More on that later later this Spring…


Our mission is to provide conceptual dialogue on “discernment of situations” to kids of all ages. The balance between service-to-self and service-to-others will be the theme of many of our presentations. Our crowd-sourced investors will be our guides, as will the parent/customers of our stories. But the Kids will be the real writers as they Tweet their reactions to the world (and our writing department). Through these dynamic interactions with our audience, we hope to be able to quantify our success in promoting harmony and cooperation in future generations through our character archetypes and stories. 

Created by
Mar Sorell

Voice Over by

Ida Park


Jaqui Hinson

3D CG Animation and Post were done by Mar Sorell at SorellFX Studios in West LA.


Look Development at SorellFX


HDRI Imagery aids in adding realism to lighting.
From an upcoming Children's Animated Series now in development at SorellFX
From an upcoming Children’s Animated Series now in development at SorellFX

Our hero gets blown around The Valley, sort of like CG people in Los Angeles!

SorellFX is developing a robust library of Virtual Sets

CG Landscapes in Development at SorellFX

Game Engine Character Development

SorellFX Mystic Sets Development Project

SorellFX Mystic Sets Development Project

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