METTA MAN – Exxtreme Slam Dunk Curling

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Limelight Mental Health

A Collaborative Project

Production Notes

Spear-headed by the Creative Genius of LA Media Producer Monte Gast,  “Metta Man” was a collaboratibve effort of VFX Animator Mar Sorell, FX Artist Arthur Castillo, and DP Ajay Johnson.  Initially pitched on spec, our Client, the BDS Network — loved the idea and graciously covered some of our expenses. We gave ’em a $100k project for about $30k

We worked off hours in out-of-the-way Green Screens in Downtown LA.   First we used our trusty stunt man “Speedy” and got some starting moves from our storyboards.

 CG Visual Effects and Post was done by Mar Sorell at SorellFX Studio in Downtown LA.

Visual FX Supervisor Animator: Mar Sorell